REGE-A-EGER Cancer Foundation

Regional Health Care Foundation – psychosocial oncology

Legal form of the institution:
Public Benefit Organisation

Our mission: Creating a health conscious, healing fellow community

What is it about?

The mental status of the patients with cancer greatly affects their chances of recovery. Common to have depression, resignation, despair, giving up goals, and this can be a negative impact for the survival prognosis.
The regional factors can affect their situations even more. In the region of Northern Hungary datas show much worse average than the unfavorable Hungarian statistics.
Our organisation was established in 2010 by initiative young specialists. The charitable activities are classified by purpose: health promotion, disease prevention, scientific research, education, skill development, promotional activities.
Our method is based on an attitudinal change. It is very important to understand that cancer can be defeated by active, responsible attitude.

Colleagues: Voluntary Multidisciplinary Working Group

Professional association with: BAZ County Hospital
Health care institutes and non-profit organisations

From idea to realization, milestones:

Our organisation’s aim to get in touch with more and more cancer patients.
First step: we can offer and teach them a new method (Simonton method) developed by physicians. The Simonton method mobilizes their own internal healing force to help the healing process. The statistical results are very positive, 25% of the patients who was said incurable could recover, and there was no further the deteriorate in their state for another 1/4.
During our sessions they can learn more effective, assertive communication and conflict management. After the training
Simonton patients remain with the club after the training, they meet on a monthly basis, listening to lectures by professionals (health promotion, diet, lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, yoga, patient rights, alternative therapies, and other issues are proficient etc.) repeat what they have learned, and “uploading”.
Our organization enriched the Simonton method with personal care, and keeping in community,
it provides complex psychosocial support to those affected by cancer.

Over the past 10 years, supported partly by charities, partly by health care institutions and civil organizations we were engaged in three directions: prevention – recognizing cancer in time, conducting, promoting and reeducating – reintagrating into the healthy world.
There have been different work groups, clubs and meetings in Eger and Miskolc from 2010. But as an increasing number of patients has been looking at us we also started work groups in Hatvan, Edelényi and Ózd as well. Our volunteers visit cancer patients in hospitals
We have individual sessions as well if needed, and we are able to provide virtual contact for those confined to bed.
As our results show the state of the participants, the life expectancy has improved significantly.

Our professional recognition:

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Hospital and University Teaching Hospital Institute of Radiotherapy and Clinical Oncology
Hungarian Society of Psychology and Oncopsychology

Current status:

Patients with tumors start with disadvantage, there is no equal chance compared to other patients in healing, finding new work places, and rehabilitation. The healthy people use different way to communicate with them, they bear the stigma: the terminally ill. There is the danger to isolate themselves in their environment.
During the implementation of our projects we provide equal access to our programs for various disadvantaged groups.
The initial groups are free to all, and even those – living in deep poverty, unemployed, members of large families, or with multiple disadvantages are able to participate.

Future perspectives:

Reshaping consciously the thinking and attitude as a result of our activity patients with cancer are substantially altered, anxiety decreases, positive thinking, healing faith strengthened and improves overall mental status and increases the healing chances of reducing the chances of relapse.
In the advanced, skill-building groups the learned techniques of conflict management capacity of the patient to communicate with family members and self-management will improve.
Enriches their relationships and their activity expands and becomes more colourful.
Easier and quicker return to the world of „healthy” people moves targets in a positive direction. Their results can benefit for the cancer patients’ hospital wards and cancer specialists, psychiatric institutes, and family doctors as well. Fewer patients are in need of psychiatric care, reduced time and frequency of the medical consultation, the patient is less likely (due to falls) in oncology care, stayig in hospital decreases. Working more effectively we can achieve our goals, we create a greater publicity of the activities that integrates into the public awarness.

What is the really new thing about our method?

The project activity formulated exactly the same way as you can find in our deed of fondation.
The Simonton method scientifically developed efficient process underpinned by severel researches. (Carl Simonton: Guided imagery with inner healing against cancer, Health Source Foundation 2011.) The application of the method has a favorable inland experience.
In our organisation professionals have been working for 10 years on charitable basis successfully using the method producing fantastic results.
We also have personal motivation: the president of the foundation was cured by supplementing
medical treatments with the Simonton method.
Our method outlined in the project is a step forward because it seeks to achieve the holistic approach to healing the whole person. You can not find any other organisations using this complex method.

In summary:

We believe in the physical and spiritual healing as a whole, so in 2010 we launched our Organization. Since then have been leading groups of cancer patients to mobilize internal healing force using Simonton method, supplemented with personal care – hospital visits, virtual interaction, individual therapy – and keeping them in a community – other clubs, skills developing courses, lifestyle camps.

REGEA Trusted Foundation, we accept donations through the Benevity website
We strive to make the Foundation economically viable and we are grateful if we receive financial support for this purpose
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